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Cruise reviews
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    Cruise reviews

    by STACH100 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:29 pm

    So far I have done a review for day 1 and 2.
    I did it because people who were unable go to kept asking.
    You all who are vets may like them as well....
    Day 1
    Okay this is my review of the 70,000 tons of metal cruise January 23-27, 2012.
    I really don't like doing reviews so just take what you get.
    They let you board the ship at noon so Sue and I got there about noon and of course there were long lines.It is funny looking at the huge line of black T shirted people waiting to board a cruise ship!
    If you've never been on a cruise before they make you go to a bunch of crap and then they do the same stuff that the airlines
    do they scan all of your stuff and make you go through security. Then you had to sign in and get your Seapass
    which is the key to your room and also what you use for all purchases on the ship. But you're still not done yet
    now you go up a level and wait in line to get your security picture taken. They make you form two lines
    across from us in line was Derek Tailer and Big E from overkill so at least we had someone to talk to while waiting in line.
    And now we get our security pictures taken and are allowed on the ship. So we walk onto the ship and the first people we see
    are our friends from Germany ,Torty and Sandy, the cruise had cart of beer on ice so we joined them in a beer Sue and I had red stripes.
    A good beginning to the cruise.
    After getting settled in our cabin we had a couple more beers by then it was time for the muster. The muster is the cruise ship version
    of the safety speech the flight attendants give on an airplane. We were on deck nine this year which meant our muster took place in the
    boleros lounge which was great because everybody else has to line up 12 people deep on deck, that sucks. They said we couldn't drink
    during the muster LOL we did. And the best thing was one of the guys sitting at the table in this lounge had this Royal Caribbean insulated bag
    full of beers. So we asked him about it he told us you get this bag and 8 beers or $40 then every time you fill up the bag you get 8 beers and
    ice and it is $30. For this cruise that is the best deal
    so we did that
    for the rest of the cruise.
    After the muster there was a 70,000 tons of metal forum members meet up at the back of the ship. So I took all of my paintings up there
    and displayed them on a ping pong table. Many of the forum members I talked to on the forum often were there. They were happy to see
    my paintings in real life.
    Now it is time for the bands to start. First up is Gravedigger in the chorus line Theatre. The theater is the best venue on the ship.
    It has the best sound and Gravedigger took every advantage of that. I have been waiting to see Gravedigger for many years. They did not
    disappoint from the beginning when the Grim Reaper comes out playing the bagpipes to the thunderous beginning of the first song
    to the end of the last drumbeat there was a state of euphoria in that theater.Alex Ritt was excellent on guitar. I could not have been
    more happy with the very first performance of the cruise.
    Next up was to be Overkill they would be on the pool stage. So I went to the pool stage and nothing was happening. The crew was still
    working on building the floor that covered the pool. So I went up to the top deck above the pool stage there were Bobby Blitz and Derek Tailer.
    So I asked them what was going on they both said "We're canceled for tonight"I could not believe it. This is what I have been waiting for
    and now Overkill was canceled. So I chilled out talked with the guys met Bobby blitz' wife, Annette and had a few beers. But Coroner
    was on stage at the theater at nine o'clock. So I went down there early because I always want to be front stage. I grabbed my Coroner painting
    and was front stage 10 minutes before the show started. I have never seen a Coroner before and I was very impressed, really well written songs
    and very well played. Coroner had a guest keyboardist for the cruise and even though I normally hate keyboards he did not detract from the guitars
    and was quite a good addition he sort of did what a good rythm guitar player does. And the guitar player was excellent, the singer was also
    the bass player and he had a really good groove. It was a very good set by Coroner. I hung out a little bit after the show and got my painting
    Cannibal Corpse was supposed to be on immediately afterward on the pool deck stage. So I grabbed my Cannibal Corpse painting and went
    up to the pool deck. As soon as I got to the deck I could see nothing was happening yet they were still working on the floor.
    So I went up to the area behind the pool deck stage and there was George(corpse grinder) from cannibal corpse. He saw my painting and loved it.
    George signed it immediately I got a picture with him then he took it to the rest of the band and they all signed. George told me that they would
    be playing in 15 minutes so I hung around but nothing was happening. So I went and got something to eat. Then went to check on Sue in the room.
    Sue was reading a book. So I grabbed my Vicious Rumors painting and went down to the spectrum lounge to get front stage for their show.
    The lounge is quite small and the stage is at floor level. So I got there early and the singer saw my painting and he was impressed.
    I was able to get all the signatures before they played. Then they went on and I was very impressed I have never seen this band before.
    I would say there style is similar to Judas priest but of course they have their own sound. They played an excellent 45 minute set.
    I talked with the band for a while after the show it was now 2 a.m. and I was ready to call it a night.

    70,000 tons of metal Day 2
    Sue and I are early risers, so she got up before sun up to go for her early-morning walk.
    Since it was still dark I decided to just chill for a bit. But then the excitement took over
    and I was all pumped for the next day of metal madness. Before long Sue was back at the cabin
    and we are ready to go get some breakfast. After breakfast I went back to the room to get my bag
    for beer in my swimsuit because I wanted to use a hot tub. So we got to the pool deck about 830
    filled my bag with beers by then the hot tub was open. The roadies were already preparing for the
    first show. First up was Whiplash. This was the first time I saw them the sound was good they had
    a lot of energy. I think I would describe them as half hard rock half heavy metal. But they put on
    a good set and it was a good start to Day 2. It was now 10:45 AM I already drank two beers, the next
    band was Megoria I had never even heard of them but I was impressed. Really good guitar player
    good singer, I enjoyed the set, I may check into their albums.
    Herman you're not going to like this next up was God Dethroned, I did not like them at all.
    Sue hated them. We listen to three or four songs and had enough I'm not sure if it was the sound
    or just the vocals but it was pretty annoying so we decided to go have some lunch.
    After lunch we went back to the room for a bit and I grabbed my exciter painting because exciter
    was next on the pool stage and I knew if I got out to the deck behind the stage in time I could catch
    the band members before they were getting serious into the pre-stage ritual. Sure enough as soon
    as I got up to the deck behind the pool stage Kenny, Exciter's singer was there and saw my painting.
    His comment was"no way dude!" And in no time I had all the bands signatures. So now I went back out
    to the deck met up with sue had another beer and moved to the front stage to catch the Exciter set.
    Exciter was every bit as good as I had imagined I have been waiting to see them for many years.
    They played a good mix of old and newer stuff. My metal Day just keeps getting better.
    Exciter was done at 1:45 which was great because the meet for Venom was at 2 PM.
    I grabbed my venom painting and headed toward the meet and greet. There was a long line.
    I was about 40th in line. They had the serpentine barriers like they do in the security line
    at airports, when I was in the third line a way Rage the guitar player from Venom spotted me.
    He looked right at me pointed and said "overkill forum, I'm a lurker!" He had been following
    my posts on the overkill forum and new I was bringing a Venom painting on the cruise.
    The whole band love my painting and I ended up talking with Venom a number of times on the cruise.
    Now it was time for Tankard they were playing in the lounge. I got there early so while they were
    setting up I showed my painting to the singer. He thought it was great and did not want to sign it
    because he said he didn't want to ruin it with his signature. I told him that is what it was all about
    so he signed it and got the rest the band to do so as well. Now to the show. Tankard does not take
    themselves seriously they just want to have fun and they want to make sure that is what the crowd
    has as well. And they sure did that, a lot of drinking songs a lot of jokes but don't get me wrong,
    the music was right on. It was a great set and everyone had fun. I was sitting with my friends
    Torty and Sandy from Germany they had seen Tankard many times before but still really enjoyed
    the show.
    I hung around after the set and got a few pictures with the band. This was cool because the
    next band I wanted to see is Atheist and they were up next on the same stage. I had my Atheist
    painting with me and when the band members got to the stage I just raised the painting up they saw it
    and the rest was history. I got pictures of them signing it on the stage. This year is sort of a
    rebirth of Atheist the band had not played for 17 years. But you could not tell the way they played.
    They used quite intricate guitar work not just a few chords. And they had a new guitar player
    that had only been in the band for a few weeks but he was great! The singer has a very unique style
    which added a lot to the music.
    Now I had a bit of time before the next band I wanted to see so I went to the room and Sue and I
    went up for some supper. Annihilator and Venom were both playing later on in the theater so I grabbed
    another bag of beers and decided to hang out at the pool stage. In Extremo was playing. I don't know
    how to describe this band. Strange would be a good word they have a good guitar player but they also
    have two bagpipe players that play on every song. It was kind of fun for a couple of songs but then
    became very annoying. I noticed that a lot of the girls were liking it though.
    After a while Torty and Sandy met up with me again and I was asked if I liked this band.
    I told him it was a little too strange for me plus the singer only spoke in German.Torty told me
    that he was speaking in German but also in other dialect that he didn't understand either.
    Torty also said that IN Extremo was just an Ok band for him.
    Now it was time for serious metal Annihilator was to be on stage at nine in the theater.
    So I got down there about 8:35 and secured my spot front stage. I like to get front stage
    because it sounds best there but also that's where you get the best pictures. The time goes very fast
    there are always people to talk with while waiting for the band. So before you know it Jeff Waters
    bursts on stage and electricity begins. Jeff's guitar tone is incredible, he displays the energy
    of an 18-year-old. And of course Annihilator's songs are excellent. My adrenaline is at a high
    this is the best performance of the cruise so far. Jeff's facial expressions are also very entertaining.
    And Jeff has a nice rapport going with the crowd. It all made for a great show.
    Venom would not be on for another hour so I went back to the cabin and had a drink with Sue. Now back
    to the theater to see the immortal VENOM! Of coarse I was right up front stage. It was pretty cool
    because I was able to get pictures of Rage in his street clothes while he was setting up his guitar.
    Cronos comes out in his classic outfit with the spiked boots and the sound is thundering. His bass
    playing is legendary for good reason and Rage even though he had only been with the band for three years
    sounded like he was the original. Thunderous choppy riffs that crunched your brain were flowing
    like rain. I was in metal heaven! This was the first time I had seen Venom in 15 years and it was well
    worth the wait.
    That was the end of my day 2
    This shit is way too long for me to proofread so if there are any typos too bad!
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by STACH100 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:09 am

    Nobody is commenting.
    I would enjoy reading other cruisers reviews.
    Let's see some.
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by kramww » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:14 am

    Thanks for the in-depth review. Having missed this year's go-around, I felt like I was on the ship again!

    I appreciate your effort of letting those of us who missed out know what the atmosphere was like.
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by Ecliptica » Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:01 pm

    Read the whole thing, pretty good stuff considering you were at every show I wasn't :-P

    I'd write one but I'm lazy. Cliff notes would be: Moonsorrow = good, Frank Mullen karaoke = hilarious; smoking = bad
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by vikingbitch » Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:49 pm

    STACH100 wrote:Nobody is commenting.
    I would enjoy reading other cruisers reviews.
    Let's see some.

    Too much where memories are kind of patchy (damnable drinking). And there was so much that would happen in any given hour, crazy things that would happen or to see, conversations that were had. I'm just going to go with: IT WAS AWESOME. :deathhorns:
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by cowboy71 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:38 pm

    Stach I would love to write up a review like that.

    I think next time I might just jot down quick notes on my phone or something so I can then do a full writeup later.

    Your review was fantastic though buddy - love that all the bands admired your artwork as much as we all do here!!
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by STACH100 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:35 pm

    70K 2012 day 3

    It is Wednesday, January 25, 2012. The Majesty has arrived late to the Cayman Islands.
    We are told it was because of strong currents. Wednesday is the day for shore excursions.
    So no bands play during the day with the first band scheduled to start at 6 PM, Overkill!
    Sue and I are going to swim with the stingrays at Stingray city. We had done this 20 years
    ago when we stayed in Grand Cayman. But our tour is scheduled for 11:15 AM so we had some
    time to kill. Sue went for her normal morning walk and I just hung around by the pool.
    I had a couple of beers and then went back to the room at that time Sue was there and we were
    going up to get some breakfast. After breakfast I spent a few minutes in the hot tub
    then got out and dried as I had to wear my swimsuit to shore because there was no place
    to change. We knew there would be long lines to get off the Majesty so we went down early.
    We went down to deck five and holy crap that is where the line began. It snaked its way
    all the way down the stairways to deck one where we were to get the shuttle boat to shore.
    Even though the Cayman Islands are very rich and full of banks they still won't dredge
    a deep enough harbor for the cruise ships. So after the long wait we finally boarded the
    shuttle ship and we were headed to the Caymans. We enter the Cayman Islands found out where we
    were supposed to meet for the stingray encounter. We had a good hour so Sue did some shopping
    and I went to the bar. I only had one beer because it was seven dollars for a 16 ounce glass.
    We found where we had to wait for our excursion it was right in front of a guy selling fresh
    Coconuts he would hack them open with a machete and then give you a straw. After you drink
    the milk you would bring it back he would cut it open and show you how to dig out the meat.
    We did not get a coconut. Finally we were escorted to the buses took a short 10 minute
    trip to the docks where the boats were waiting. Then it was time to set out to meet the
    stingrays. As it was the last time we were there swimming with the stingrays it was incredible.
    The sandbar is about 30 minutes from Grand Cayman. There every day tourist boats come
    loaded with people to meet the stingrays. YOU get off the boat and stand in waist deep clear blue
    water that is full of stingrays. Their skin is so smooth, the guides give you pieces
    of squid to feed them and instruct you how to hold them and pet them. It was very exhilarating.
    Sue even kissed a stingray and we got a picture that they sold to us for a mere $20.
    Now was back to the boat. Then we board the buses and back to the harbor. Sue and I were
    very hungry we hadn't eaten since breakfast and decided to go back to Majesty instead
    of taking a chance at a local restaurant. And of course we had to wait in line to get
    on the shuttle boat and when we got on the boat they wouldn't leave until it was full.
    Percy the CNN guy was supposed to be interviewing me on the way back to the ship but he must
    have caught different shuttle.
    I don't know if it was because we were starving but the pizza on the Majesty tasted great.
    We chowed like we hadn't eaten in weeks. So now it's time for more beers and hanging out on the
    pool deck in anticipation of Overkill. Sue does not like most of the bands on the ship
    and even though I've been going to see Overkill shows for over 16 years, sue has never
    seen them. So she told me should watch the whole set. Torty and Sandy were there, so I told
    Sue I would go up front for three songs and then come back and watch the rest of the set with her.
    This was different for me is I always watch Overkill from the front row. Eddy Garcia formerly
    of Pissing Razors sat in on drums because Ron broke his hand. Overkill never disappoints
    this show was no exception. Eddy though he plays differently than Ron did a great job. Blitz
    always playing with the crowd had a few 70,000 tons jokes.They played many standards.
    Then they surprised us with a cover dirty deeds done dirt cheap. It was awesome and the crowd
    loved it. Overkill had the largest crowd of any band I saw on the pool stage.
    Annihilator was up next on the pool stage so I just hung out and Sue went back to the room.
    It's easy to pass the time between bands because there are so many metalheads and there's plenty
    to talk about. Before long he was time for me to get my customary front stage spot. In no time
    Annihilator is back on stage and the ship is rocking. Jeff seem to have a little us energy
    then he had the night before but the sound was still killer. And as usual I had a great time
    even though they played the same set. I refilled by beer bag and went down to the lounge to see
    Exciter. A lot of people don't like the lounge because the stage is at floor level and if you're
    not right up front it's hard to see anything. So I always make sure I get there early enough
    to be right up front and it's excellent. Exciter was even more enjoyable here than the pool stage.
    You are so close to them when you are front stage in the lounge.
    After Exciter I went back to the room to hang with sue for a bit I brought some blackberry brandy.
    Then I was ready to go back to lounge for vicious Rumors. I thought it was odd because it was
    the same time and stage that they played Monday.And the show was pretty much the same as well.
    Every bit as good as they were on Monday. I will be buying some vicious rumors CDs. After that show
    I was done for the night ready to get some sleep to start all over Thursday the last day.
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by STACH100 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:07 pm

    70K 2012 day4

    It is Thursday morning the last day of the cruise and I am ready for another kick ass day of metal!
    The lineup is great today Megora Atheist Alesstorm and Gravedigger all in a row on the pool deck,
    awesome! After Atheist I brought my Alestorm painting to the deck behind the pool stage it was perfect
    timing the guys had just arrived and saw my painting. So I was able to get signatures and pictures.
    Everyone of these bands performed as well as they did in their first set.Sue especially
    enjoyed Gravedigger out in the sunshine on the pool deck. Except she was disappointed that they didn't
    play her favorite song"demons way". I was front stage for three songs and got some excellent pictures
    then I went back and joined Sue at one of the side tables.Megora went on at 10 AM and Gravedigger
    ended at 3:45 PM. We had already consumed one bag of the beers and got a refill. Four great bands, cool
    the end of the day? Hell no the best is yet to come.

    Sue and I grabbed some lunch and I was ready to go see Riot in the spectrum lounge. Riot put on
    another great show. I have been a fan for many years and it is unlikely that I will ever see them
    again so this was especially great.
    Next up it was back to the pool stage for Coroner. I had only got two signatures on my Coroner
    painting after the first show so I figured if I got to the pool stage while Coroner was setting up
    during the Therion set it would be easy to get their attention and have the other two guys signed my
    painting.Everything worked as planned they signed my painting and thanked me for painting it with a big
    thumbs up. Now as for Therion I will never understand this band being on a metal cruise.
    (appologies to the Therion fans)
    The singing was more like Opera than metal. I tried to listen to them but just could not stand it.
    So I took my painting back to the room had a drink with Sue and headed up to the pool deck to get
    front stage for Coroner. Wow these guys delivered again! I never listened to much Coroner before
    but I will be doing so now what a great groove they have. I saw the whole set from front stage.
    Then I went off to the side to drink a beer where I met the drummer and Rage from Venom. We had
    a nice chat and took some pictures.
    Next up was In Extremo, I knew what they were about so I just decided to sit back and watch the crowd.
    After a few songs I decided to go check out Dark Funeral. They were playing in the lounge when I
    got there I was surprised to see that Eddy Garcia was the soundman. There I met the singer and
    guitar player and got a picture. Before long Dark Funeral was on stage. This is really not my
    style of music but they are very good at it and it was entertaining. Their costumes are crazy.
    Up next was Whiplash but there was only time for a couple of songs because I had to get up front
    stage for Venom on the pool stage. It is interesting that almost every show I went to the same
    people were there early to get front stage spots. Rage was setting up his guitar I told him that
    I would not be there for the entire set because I had to get to the theater to get front stage
    for Overkill. Rage said yes after our set is done I'm running like hell to get to the theater for
    Overkill. I asked him if he had any picks left near the end of the set to throw one out to me,
    he said here I have a couple in my pocket and handed him to me now that is cool.
    Now Venom comes onstage, thundering bass and crunching thick guitar chords filled the pool deck!
    During the first song I looked to the right of the stage and there behind the speakers was
    Jeff Waters and his girlfriend enjoying the show.Venom played a totally different set than the
    first night which I really enjoyed. It was very windy and Kronos'hair was blowing in every direction.
    He made a comment about it and Rage said sometimes being a cue ball has its advantages. I got
    a kick out of that. Venom had another excellent set I have always been a Venom fan but seeing them
    twice on this cruise was even better than I could have imagined. It was getting close to the
    end of their set so I decided to head back and watch a couple of more songs before I headed
    down to the theater to get front stage for Overkill. While going back I met Torty and Sandy so
    after a couple more songs we went down to get our rightful spots in front for Overkill. Next to
    me was a guy from South Africa! He asked me if I would take a picture with him of course I did.
    And he asked if he could wear my top hat and take a picture so I handed it to him and now he has
    a picture of himself with an Overkill top hat. He told me the last time he saw Overkill it was
    in Turkey! Overkill had a huge Ironbound backdrop. As usual the show starts with DD Verni's bass.
    The crowd is filled with excitement and Bobby Blitz races to the stage and the show begins.
    As I'm writing this the songs are going through my head if you've never been to an Overkill
    show before you wouldn't understand but it is the greatest feeling when they start. And the feeling
    doesn't stop till the show ends. They played the same set for the most part as they had
    on the pool stage but it didn't matter because all of the songs are so great. At one point Bobby picked
    up a Derek Tailer guitar pick and flipped it out to the crowd I caught it with my left hand because
    I had my camera in my right. Everyone around me was looking at the floor they didn't realize
    I had snatched it. Blitz and company put on another great show. It is funny on the, cruise people
    don't wait for an encore they are all too happy to run to the next show. But Torty Sandy and I stayed
    one of the roadies gave Torty a set list, and a pick to me so I gave it to Torty because I already
    had one. Then we met Bobby's wife and Derek Tailer's girlfriend. We chatted with them for a while.
    Torty and Sandy were going up to watch Edguy. I'm not a fan of them and for me the cruise could not
    end better so I decided to call it a night and end the cruise very high note. See you next year 70K!
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by Metaladdict187 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:48 pm

    Great review!!! Brings back memories!!!!! :shred:
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    Re: Cruise reviews

    by Metaladdict187 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:40 pm

    Read the whole thing. You saw a lot of show I didn't, but they all sounded like a blast!!!!!

    My favortite shows were: Nightwish, Therion, Hammerfall, Children of Bodom, Vicious Rumors. Kataklysm, Kamelot

    Honorable mentions to Overkill, Coroner, Eluveitie, Tristania, Amorphis, Suffocation, God Dethroned, Cannibal Corpse Candlemass.

    Band I wish I coulda seen more of: Venom, Atheist, Pretty Maids, Grave Digger,
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