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official drinking song?
  • PonyBoy
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    official drinking song?

    by PonyBoy » Fri Nov 28, 2014 5:42 am

    If there is not an official 70k tons drinking song, I submit this...

    Aboard 70000 tons of metal
    For no less will i settle
    Another dark spot on me liver
    avast, ahoy and Shiver me timbers

    Drunk on whiskey and drunk on gin
    Look at my tab, im fucked again!
    On the pool deck and under the sun,
    Screw the money and bring me my rum.

    Dancing awkward to Korpiklaani
    Cannibal Corpse dismembers a body
    Three shots of vodka makes my head spin.
    Tequila numbs my sunboiled skin.

    Staggering to and staggering fro
    Get lost on my way to the Venom show
    Get me some beer to clear me mind
    And make it to the show just in time.

    Start day two drunk already
    Heart and liver are holding steady
    Begin the search for Alestorm's buckfast
    Escargot and booze for breakfast.

    Some douchebag offers a drink of water
    I tell him id rather fuck his daughter.
    No, not really. LOL, JK
    What a fucked up thing to say.

    Dont know Finnish, dont know Farsi
    But we all know how to drink and party
    Heavy metal tavern on the high seas
    Salute with horns and heavy metal screams

    I like my metal with a shot of liquor
    Drop the bullshit and raise the anchor
    Sailing into the night we go
    Drunkards above and sharks below.

    Sing, sing, along with me
    Hold my beer i have to pee
    Booze and babes, metal and more
    Excessive drinking is making me poor.

    Municipal Waste or Napalm Death
    Or should i see Be-he-moth
    So many bands for me to choose
    Hard to think with this much booze.

    When this cruise comes to an end
    I will be drunk once again
    Mourning my last bottle of beer
    And planning to return the following year.
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    Re: official drinking song?

    by Pellaz » Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:42 pm


    Now, someone should send this to Chris Bowes so he can learn it before the cruise.
    I could totally see him singing this. :lol:
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