Gaze Into The Infinite

When you peer BEYOND CREATION, what do you see? You’ll see 3,000 Sailors from over 70 countries around the Globe headbanging on board a 154,000ton luxury cruise liner. You’ll see over 120 live performances across four spectacular venues, including our jewel: The Pool Deck Stage, the biggest open air stage structure to sail the Open Seas! You’ll see the grandeur that is 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!

Not being on board 70000TONS OF METAL? How can you possibly fill that “V”oid?


The Storm On Board

When we sailed to Grand Turk in 2013 we had EVERGREY on board with us. Now that 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise will return to this Caribbean dream destination we do so once again with EVERGREY! Make sure you don’t miss this for the second time!

There’s more to “B”e had, stay tuned and find out!


#SurvivorsAsk: Interview APOCALYPTICA for!

Are you a 70000TONS OF METAL Survivor living in Tallinn , Estonia? Would you like to interview APOCALYPTICA on November 4 before they play Tondiraba Ice Hall?

Visit the Official 70000TONS OF METAL forum and tell us why YOU would be the best candidate to interview the band – if you are selected, simply get yourself to the show and we will get you plus one friend on the Guest List and organize the rest!

If you are not eligible to interview the band, we still want your input… Give us one question you have always wanted to ask APOCALYPTICA, and if we pick your question, you will get a shout-out during the interview!


Sailing To The Plains Of Vígríðr

The ship of nails, NAGLFAR, emerges from the dark foggy distance… to join you, 2,999 of the craziest Metalheads from around the Globe and 59 other heavy hitting Metal bands on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2018, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!

“E”ver more darkness or shall we switch to a lighter shade?


100 Days Until Sailing!


In exactly 100 DAYS YOU will be on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2018!

Round 8 of The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise will sail from Florida to Grand Turk on board the Independence of the Seas, leaving from Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale near Miami, FL on Thursday, February 1st 2018 and returning on Monday, February 5th.

Only on 70000TONS OF METAL can you get unrestricted festival access to all 120+ live performances, including the Jamming with Waters in International Waters All-Star Jam, signing sessions, intimate Artist Clinics, exclusive album premiere listening sessions and the chance to explore Caribbean dream destinations with your favorite bands.

100 DAYS until 70000TONS OF METAL 2018, Round 8 of The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!