30 Years Of American Metal!

Our American Scouts went South to Los Angeles and got really shocked… Welcome LIZZY BORDEN on board 70000TONS OF METAL, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise! They will perform their brand new 30th anniversary show “30 Years Of American Metal” encompassing songs from each and every LIZZY BORDEN record to date, plus songs the band has never performed live, EVER!!!


From Colombia And British Columbia…

Many years ago Dagon moved from Colombia to the United States in search of a new drummer. He met Incubus and a dark creation began in Seattle, Washington.

Last night our American Scouts crossed the border from British Columbia, Canada into Washington, USA. But instead of a warm welcome, they were dragged to an INQUISITION!


Greeted By An EKTOMORF

Our European Scouts went from the Ukraine to Hungary. In a small city near the Romanian border called Mezőkovácsháza, they were greeted by an EKTOMORF. Where will they go from here?


Vika Goes Wild!

Did you ever wonder where our European Scouts went from Moscow? They went to the Ukraine, but not to find a band, to find someone to make use of the numerous Grand Pianos on board! Please welcome Vika Yermolyeva (aka vkgoeswild), award-winning pianist who will be performing a different kind of Metal on board!

Check out these videos displaying her incredible talent:

From the Kiew, our European Scouts continued West South West. Will they find one of the last bands?


Happy Headbanging New Year!

70000TONS OF METAL, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise would like to wish everyone around the Globe a Happy and Headbanging New Year! For those of you lucky sailors who will be joining us in January and starting 2013 in style… Only four more weeks until we depart for round 3 of The Original Heavy Metal Cruise, home of the World’s Biggest Open Air Stage to sail the Oceans!