4 Bands In 4 Days… We Call This Complete OVERKILL!

Attention Sailors! This is your Skipper speaking: We are in New York City, one of the greatest towns in this beautiful world of ours. This is the right place to shout this to the world, to all the whiners, haters and non-believers: We don’t care what you say! Fuck You! What do you want? More? 4 announcements in 4 days… don’t you think this is complete OVERKILL?


So Much Headbanging… We’ll All Get WHIPLASH!

Today we thought we would explore the other side of the Hudson River and went to New Jersey where we ran into some Thrash and Speed Metal Veterans. Three bands in three days? All that headbanging definitely guarantees that some WHIPLASH will occur! 70000TONS OF METAL, The World’s Biggest Floating Heavy Metal Festival, now has 20 out of 40 on board! Shall we stay anchored outside the Big Apple for a little longer…?



Today some brave sailors went to explore Upstate New York, only to lose their way and end up in the city of Buffalo to discover a CANNIBAL CORPSE! 70000TONS OF METAL, The World’s Biggest Floating Heavy Metal Festival, now has 19 out of 40 on board and counting fast…


The First Of Many… Welcome VIRGIN STEELE!

After Hurricane Irene has delayed our arrival at the North American East Coast, we finally anchored in the Hudson River. Welcome to The Big Apple! We have arrived on a virgin continent. Please welcome our first American band on board: VIRGIN STEELE!


Our Course: West South-West

Last night we cleared The Channel. After sailing a few hundred miles into the North Atlantic we received orders to change our course to West South-West.