New Onboard Smoking Policy


We have decided to make the SPECTRUM lounge a non smoking environment, especially because some of the artists play both of their sets in the SPECTRUM lounge only.

The Starboard side of the BOLEROS lounge, half of the CASINO and the Starboard side of the VIKING CROWN lounge remain as designated indoor smoking areas on board. We always suggest however that you simply step outside, enjoy the fresh Caribbean air and smoke on the outside decks. Please respect the ship and always use one of the many ashtrays provided, but over all respect your fellow Metalheads and refrain from smoking in any non-smoking areas of the ship. Please also be mindful when it is windy outside, that your ash does not blow into a fellow Metalhead’s drink, hair or eyes.

Please note that smoking in your cabin stateroom is a fire hazard and is NOT allowed! The cruise line may charge you a $250 cleaning fee if they find you smoking in your cabin stateroom.


Your Skipper