Trifecta Finale


Round 9 is upon us, Sailors! Raise your metal horns and prepare for the time of your life as we make our way from Miami / Ft. Lauderdale to our beautiful Caribbean dream destination, Labadee!

Our final batch of announcements is a trifecta once again with three bands representing three different genres of Heavy Metal from three different countries from different continents. We are proud to host Sailors on board from across the Globe each year. Together we truly are the United Nations of Heavy Metal at Sea!

Please welcome INTERNAL SUFFERING from Colombia, a devastating Death Metal act. Next, please welcome NEKROGOBLIKON, a unique Goblin fronted band from the United States. Finally, please welcome TEMPERANCE on board from Italy, a melodic metal act which features three vocalists.

70000TONS OF METAL is The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise where Heavy Metal History is written on board time after time. 60 bands will perform 120 live shows for only 3,000 Sailors for the ultimate Heavy Metal festival experience.

We’re counting down the hours now… we will see you all at the Terminal for Embarkation SOON!