Racing Towards The Finnish Line

FINNTROLL takes to the seas on board 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise alongside 3,000 Sailors from across the globe!

You’ll have a jolly good time watching these Finnish folk maestros on stage. That’s not all, however, because they will be performing two very special shows only on board Round X:

One of these performances will feature songs from their first three albums “Midnattens Widunder”, “Jaktens Tid” and “Nattfödd”. The other will feature songs from their last three albums “Ur Jordens Djup”, “Blodsvept” and a special “10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Nifelvind”.

Who would want to miss out on such a special occasion? Don’t get left “B”ehind on January 7th… make sure to reserve your spot now!