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FEBRUARY 2018 – Ashley

Name: Ashley
Country: USA
Languages spoken: English
Favourite bands: Behemoth, Watain, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Amon Amarth, Moonsorrow, Gospel of the Witches, Forndom, Arkona
Best show: I know it sounds silly, but the best show I have ever seen was actually on 70k; watching Behemoth on the Pool Deck my first year on the boat back in 2015. I bought my ticket on a last minute impulse without knowing anybody and by the time my favorite band’s main set rolled around I couldn’t believe how free and at home I felt in that crowd watching from the hot tub. The performance and the entire experience seemed almost transcendent to the ‘shy new girl’ that I was and guaranteed that I will return to be with my 70K Family year after year for as long as I can.

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JANUARY 2018 – Rebeca