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[TOOL] Online Web Photo Resizer (useful for avatars)
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    [TOOL] Online Web Photo Resizer (useful for avatars)

    by Gutterchild7 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:50 pm

    Guess posting an avatar of 200x200 and only 6kb size was easier in 2005 than it is now. I tryed re-sizing the picture I wanted to post as my profile picture (or avatar) in photoshop but it was a lil' bit tiring, also not everyone has it so I found this useful and easy web and I decided to make my first post handing you this shit (?).

    It's easy to figure out but I'll leave some tips 'cause why not?

    1. Go to this link.
    2. Upload the pic you want to resize (where it says "choose or select file" or something like that -mine appears in spanish so I can't tell you exactly how it should be-, then clic on the "upload image" button).
    3. Once your picture appears down the page would show you all info about it as well (size, width and height), so now we can choose how much we want to resize them.
    4. Resize the picture by changin' the "New size:" number (you have to give a max of 200 pixels so it shouldn't be bigger than that)... if your pic isn't a square, you should give 200 to the largest (weigh or height) so it'd fit without problems.
    5. Clic "apply changes" and now you should see your pic resized and a new kb size.
    6. IF the size is still bigger than 6.80 kb the forum won't let you upload it neither, so now you can go to "Image quality:" and down it a bit (mine was 80 at first but I had to down it to 70), try to low it and then clic "apply changes" again so you'd see if it's right now or not.
    7. If you totally mess up (like I did first time) then just clic "start over" and the picture will return to it's first size (when you uploaded it) and you can start all over again!
    8. Once you're ready to download your avatar, clic on "download this image" (this link will appear down the data of your picture -size, blablabla-). And that's it! Now you can upload your profile picture to the forum.

    I'm sorry if my english is confusing, I'm trying, I swear!
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