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70,000 Tons of Guitar!
  • deathmetalpat
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    70,000 Tons of Guitar!

    by deathmetalpat » Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:07 pm

    Well the forum was down for most of the bidding (would have been a time killing guessing game ) and the guitar went for $5,500 USD ... true&rt=nc .Anybody want to take credit for the win?It was a zero bidder which means there is a chance the person won't come though and they will have to redo the auction.Also on the actual MORC cruise they auctioned off a similar "signed by artists on ship " guitar.Anybody know what that went for?

    Edit :They need the money ,now 40 people died after bus crashed into a parade for a music festival.Serveral killed by other parade goers after the actual bus crash, btw We are living in the Matrix, it isn't just you. ... t-least-34
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