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American 30F looking for my group for 2023!
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    American 30F looking for my group for 2023!

    by bbaconccat » Sat May 28, 2022 8:39 am

    I hope it's not too early to start recruiting cabin mates for 2023! It'll be my first on the boat and I'm pretty open to cabin situations. I'm mostly interested in getting a group of other solo ladies together but would be fine to join a group looking for a fourth. I'm not a huge partier/drinker. So if you're sober or not trying to drink too much we might be a good match. I'm mostly interested in death metal and trash metal. Lmk if you might want to book together!
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    Re: American 30F looking for my group for 2023!

    by Klopferle » Wed Jul 13, 2022 12:23 pm

    Hi Bbaconccat
    I'm a 29M from Germany also planning to take my first run on the boat and searching for a group to join.
    I don't know either if we're too early! haha
    But we better start to connect to some metal heads before it's too late.

    Maybe there are some more early lost souls who are interested to join forces.
    Anyway, now I've said hello and hope everyone finds their place on the boat.

    See you later
    na moin :shred: :death:
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    Re: American 30F looking for my group for 2023!

    by lunaaiam » Tue Jul 19, 2022 1:39 pm

    Hi there,

    This will be my first time as well. I always wanted to go, but I could not afford. Fortunately, I can afford this time. I might go by myself as well, we can discuss if you want to share a suite. In worse case, we can still hangout lol. Also, I live in Florida abut 40 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. Lets keep in touch!!!! :bangers:
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    Re: American 30F looking for my group for 2023!

    by Mr.Kito » Sat Jul 23, 2022 9:59 pm

    Hi everyone!
    I'm a 33M
    Hopefully 2023 will be my 5th Cruise.
    Going with my fiancee, it'll be her 2nd Cruise.

    We are light drinkers and we're looking for more people to book a quad :D
    2023 Wishlist: Accept-After.Forever-Alestorm-Amorphis-Angra-Annihilator-Body.Count-Cradle.Of.Filth-Chaoseum-Cynic-Danko.Jones-Dark.Lunacy-Dark.Tranquillity-Deathless.Legacy-Deathstars-Diablo.Swing.Orchestra-Dimmu.Borgir-Edguy-Edu.Falaschi-Equilibrium-Epica-Evergrey-Feuerschwanz-Final.Disaster-Gotthard-Infected.Rain-In.Flames-Insomnium-Jinjer-Kontrust-Kreator-Megara-Mors.Principium.Est-Myrath-Nanowar-Nervosa-Nightwish-Onslaught-Overkill-Perzonal.War-Primal.Fear-Poisonblack-Queensryche-Rammstein-Raven.Black-Rotting.Christ-Reclaim.The.Silence-Sabaton-Scar.Symmetry-Sepultura-Shaman-Slashy.Sue-Soilwork-Splintered.Halo-Spoil.Engine-Swashbuckle-The.Halo.Effect-Torture.Squad-TrollFest-Tuatha.De.Danann-Turisas
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    2023 - LET'S DO THIS! :headbanger:

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    Re: American 30F looking for my group for 2023!

    by sar01061969 » Wed Jul 27, 2022 4:21 am

    Hello everyone!!! After a 7 year break because oi various reasons i will finally be back on the cruise!!!! Now a few things im a 53 year old that doesnt care where youre from or your gender were here to see bands, enjoy our trip and have fun. I had a stroke 2 years ago so my only requests are 1) i am gonna request a bottom bunk 2) a little help perhaps walking back and forth if im a lil drunk!!! Ive been on 6 cruises 2011,2012, BARGE, 2015, 2016 so i am a GOLD SURVIVOR!!! which of course means i get booking codes first!! So if you are new or been on only a few chances might be you dont get to go! Im looking for several cruisers to book with me and if you are serious please respond on here!!! I cant wait to be back :death: :deathmetal: :shred: :bitch: :heavydrink: :heavydrink: :chug: :bmhorns:
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