60 Bands, 4 Days, 1 Cruise Ship, and only 3000 Tickets. This is 70000TONS OF METAL®, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!

On 70000TONS OF METAL you get unrestricted festival access to all 120 live shows on board, 70000TONS OF KARAOKE until sunrise, Jamming In International Waters – the Official 70000TONS OF METAL All Star Jam which writes Heavy Metal History every year, Clinics and Work-Shops with the musicians, our infamous Belly Flop Contest, Shore Excursions with your favorite artists, and much more!

Everyone on board is a VIP, we don’t have assigned seating (this is a Heavy Metal Cruise after all), and most importantly the bars on our ship never close – you heard us, bars that never close!

On this life changing adventure you will spend five days and four nights at Sea mingling side-by-side with your favorite artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison. It’s like having an All-Access backstage pass!


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70000TONS OF METAL 2024: Day 2 Recap on

70000TONS.TV presents an exclusive recap of Day 2 on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2024, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise.

The construction of the Pool Deck stage is complete, and is now primed to host electrifying concerts! This magnificent structure is The World’s Biggest Open Air Stage structure to sail the Open Seas, and is the Crown Jewel of 70000TONS OF METAL. The Pool Deck stage was ready for Day 2 performances thanks to the efforts of a dedicated crew of over 100 staff members working tirelessly through the night. Enjoying the warm Caribbean sun while watching your favorite metal bands perform is truly unbeatable. Sailors can rock out on the Pool Deck knowing they are safe from UV rays thanks to the Pool Girls and Pool Boys, our international ambassadors of Heavy Metal, who offer sunscreen for protection.

Day 2 of 70000TONS OF METAL 2024 is packed with meet and greets, giving Sailors the chance to interact with all 60+ artists on board. Sailors bring a variety of merchandise, including CDs, vinyl albums, flags, and more, for their Heavy Metal heroes to sign. Several Artist Clinics and events are hosted during the day including Alexander Krull of LEAVES’ EYES presenting a very special History of Vikings Showcase!

Don’t miss out on our Day 3 recap as we arrive at our stunning Caribbean port of call, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic!


Prepare Your Wishlists!

Attention Sailors!

Prepare to set sail on board The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise in 2025!

We want to know which bands you want to see perform on board 70000TONS OF METAL next year!

Let us know by posting in the Official 70000TONS OF METAL 2025 Wishlist thread on the 70000TONS OF METAL Official Forum ( where you can connect with Metalheads worldwide, chat about Heavy Metal and life in general, or search for cabin mates for our upcoming journey.

70000TONS OF METAL 2025 – The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise will set sail on January 30 – February 3, 2025 from Miami, Florida to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.


70000TONS OF METAL 2024: Day 1 Recap on

Experience the excitement of Day 1 on board 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise through 70000TONS.TV’s exclusive recap.

PortMiami awaits the arrival of sailors, who are set to embark on the Ultimate Heavy Metal Vacation. There, they will have the opportunity to witness over 60 world-class Heavy Metal bands perform and mingle with their beloved artists. As Sailors, Artists, and Crew members make their way across the gangway, they are enthusiastically welcomed aboard the Freedom of the Seas by our Heavy Metal ambassadors, the Pool Team.

The construction of our crown jewel, the Pool Deck stage, the Biggest Open Air Stage Structure to Sail the Open Seas, is underway thanks to our dedicated crew members. Concerts will commence at different venues right after we depart from PortMiami in the late afternoon.

Don’t miss our recap of Day 2, filled with electrifying concerts, exclusive meet and greets with all the talented Artists on board, and an array of exciting activities as we sail towards our port of call, Puerto Plata!


2024 Survivor Feedback Survey


Thank you for sailing on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2024, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise! We hope you had a great time with us.

Your opinions and ideas are very important to us and will help us make 70000TONS OF METAL even better in the future.

Access Codes for you to complete our survey are being sent out. Please be patient as it may take up to 48 hours for the system to send all Access Codes. If you do not receive yours within the next 48 hours, please make sure to check your spam folder and contact us.

This survey will remain open until February 25, 2024 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback and hope to welcome you back on board in 2025 for yet another amazing edition of 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!


your 70000TONS OF METAL team


70000TONS OF METAL 2024: Pre-Cruise Parties on 70000TONS.TV

Experience the Ultimate Heavy Metal adventure! 70000TONS.TV brings you an exclusive recap of the pre-cruise activities leading up to 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original, The World’s Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise.

Sailors from across the globe make their way to Miami, known as the Cruise Capital of the World, in anticipation of 70000TONS OF METAL 2024. Miami Beach entices visitors with its vibrant nightlife, offering a myriad of nightclubs, upscale hotels, exceptional dining options, and, of course, one of America’s most iconic beaches.

Sailors and Survivors from 71 nations have made a remarkable comeback at our event this year, completely taking over Miami Beach in a sea of black t-shirts.

The beach party and other pre-cruise events span the entire day, extending well into the night. With Embarkation Day just around the corner, Sailors are busy getting themselves ready for the start of 70000TONS OF METAL 2024. Excitement fills the air as spirits soar, the anticipation builds as everyone eagerly awaits the start of the Ultimate Heavy Metal Vacation at sea.

Next to come, don’t miss out on our Day 1 recap as we embark on our incredible journey from Miami, FL, to the stunning Puerto Plata, accompanied by 62 phenomenal Heavy Metal bands!